Reckless On Economy

Even though they claim to fight for conservative values, John Cummins opposed the Asia-Pacific Gateway, an important economic initiative that is creating jobs for British Columbians while improving roads, bridges and ports. These improvements have sheltered BC from the economic downturn being felt in the US as we expand trade with Asia.

Cummins even opposes Premier Christy Clark’s efforts to get BC its fair share of federal contracts to build ships for the Canadian Navy and Coast Guard.

Asian nations like China are some of Canada’s most important trade partners, and the Asia-Pacific Gateway will strengthen our economy and allow us to diversify our trading relationships.  And why shouldn’t our Navy ships be built in BC shipyards?

So what would happen if John had got his way?

  • Fewer opportunities for trade with growing Asian economies, home to the fastest growing market of consumers in the world.
  • BC’s economy would be more exposed to the unstable US economy.
  • BC would be disadvantaged because we would not pursue our fair share of federal opportunities.
  • Fewer jobs for British Columbians to build the roads, railway lines and port improvements that the Asia-Pacific gateway will need.

Can you really trust John Cummins when he is so reckless with British Columbia’s economy? We don’t think so.