Wrong Numbers

John Cummins has recently made a variety of statements about British Columbia’s economy and taxes. He wants you to believe that you pay the highest taxes west of Quebec. His numbers are just plain wrong.

Here are the facts when it comes to taxes in British Columbia:

  • British Columbians’ personal income taxes have been cut by
    37 percent or more since 2001 – the lowest in Canada up to $119,000.
  • B.C. has no provincial income taxes for anyone making less than $18,800 a year.
  • An additional 325,000 low income earners don’t pay any provincial income tax.
  • Small business taxes have been reduced 44%, and will be eliminated in 2012 – the lowest rate in Canada.
  • Corporate income taxes have been reduced by 39% to 10% – the lowest in Canada.
  • B.C. eliminated the corporate capital tax on financial and non-financial institutions.

John Cummins owes it to British Columbians to tell them the facts on the state of the economy in British Columbia, not make things up on the fly. Managing this province’s economy during these troubled economic times takes a serious, free-enterprise government – not an unprincipled opportunist who cannot even get his facts straight.